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Click on the lower left hand corner of the blue link to listen to our Anthem "Shifting Ideas through Education"

1. Annual Cultural Diversity Drum and Dance Festival: April 10, 2020 Butler  University

2. Annual Basket Balancing Race: May   16, 2020. Indianapolis

3. Annual Basket Balancing Race: July 4th, 202, Kenya

4. Annual Basket Balancing Race: July 11 & 18 2020, Uganda

               Current Plan of Action

         2015-2020 (4 main goals) 

1. Sustaining SITEAW girls in school     
     (this is a lifelong goal)

2. Building a safe Center for SITEAW
     women and girls in Uganda

3. Recruiting volunteers to lead
     educational programs in the field.

     (Trips to Uganda, Kenya & TZ)
4. Establishing the Basket Balancing    
    Race in the Northern and Southern
    Hemispheres as an empowering
    activity and main  fundraiser
    to sustain SITEAW intiatives. 


​          Volunteer work

1. Organizing fundraisers

2. Connecting SITEAW to girls' 
     sponsors and donors

3. Working at SITEAW Office

4. Organizing SITEAW monthly

     fundraiser projects: plays
    concerts, poetry & more.

5. Being part of the anual field
    trip to Uganda  and Kenya

6. Recruiting and training   
    basket balancing racers


"We Are the People" by Sr. Stella is a fundraiser to provide school luches for SITEAW girls and sustaing the Cultural Diversity Drum Circle in Indianapolis. The message in this book is for all ages. Free shipping.

  Contact SITEAW (siteawinc2004@yahoo.com) to sponsor our College students

of 2019 or fill the "Sponsor a Girl Form. Every bit helps


P.O.BOX 53271.
Indianapolis, IN 46253


Tel: 317 625 6189


SITEaW accepts tax

deductible donations as well

as good will donations.

Please use our PayPal e-mail address to donate: ensimagswahili@yahoo.com

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