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To sponsor a girl, please click  on "SPONSOR A GIRL"  page and fill the form,  for any other donation amount, use the Donate Button

on this "WELCOME" page, Or use our PayPal email:  ensimagswahili@yahoo.com Or make check payable to SITEAW,INC and mail to:

P.O.BO. 53271, Indianapolis, IN 46253. Thank you for joining us to make a difference.

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 a nonprofit organization

501(c)3 founded in 2004 in

Indianapolis, Indiana. We are

dedicated to empowering girls

and women break the chains
of oppressive traditions and
have a second chance

in life. Our tools

are: Education,

Skills and

Community Programs.

We collaborate with Adolf Mukasa

schools in Uganda


         2020  to 2025 (4 main goals) 

        Sustaining SITEAW girls in school            (this is a lifelong goal).

     Building a safe Center for SITEAW
         women and girls in Uganda.

          Recruiting volunteers to lead
      educational programs in the field.

           (Trips to Uganda and Kenya)

     Establishing the Basket Balancing    
  Race in the Northern and Southern
     Hemispheres as an empowering
       activity and main  fundraiser
              for SITEAW INC.


Thank you Camp Sisters!

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Camp Sisters.jpg


            Connecting SITEAW to girls'

                 sponsors and donors.

                  Organizing SITEAW 

                  fundraiser projects

           Being part of the annual field

             trip to Uganda and Kenya

               Recruiting and training 

              basket balancing racers


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All donations are tax deductible and highly appreciated. Every penny makes a difference in a girl's life.


P.O.BOX 53271.
Indianapolis, IN 46253


Tel: 317 625 6189



SITEaW accepts tax

deductible donations as well

as good will donations.

Please use our PayPal e-mail address to donate: ensimagswahili@yahoo.com

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