We are all humanitarian workers from different backgrounds and different walks of life, living in different parts of the world. We work together because we have a common goal  to make  a difference in the lives of girls and women whose stories we have listened to over the years.  Most of the girls and women we work with have been or are being oppressed by traditions in their own tribes or ethnic groups. Some are circumcised and married off at a tender age, others are raped, trafficked or sold in slavery. 


After long time field work experience, we learned that education is the best tool we can use. Empowering girls and women with education and skills turns them into strong human beings who carry the torch for themselves and those coming after them. Education is the treasure that cannot be stolen from them.   


Heartfelt appreciation to:

Betsy Wiersma and the Camp Sisters Network in Colorado, Paul Romig-Leavitt, the Global Women of the Church of the Brethren, Dr. Gordon Mendenhall and family,  Julia and Joseph Lee of Chicago, our anonymous individual donors and girls’ sponsors: Andy and Karen Biddle, Maria Shlafer and Edeltraude Fraczek of Austria,  Sabrina Bone of Crawfordsville,  Paul and Laura Birkle, The Tharp Perrin Gindhart  Artists led by  Carol and Larry, and  all our volunteers who help to keep our work going.




WHAT WE OFFER              to the vulnerable girls: love, education, skills, a sense
                                                                           of diginity and safety while in school.

                                               Active Board Members

                                             Sr. Stella Sabina: Director (U.S.A)

                                                            Mr. Moses Nsubuga (Ass. Director)

         Aymonne Magni Assemian (Speaker, U. S. A)

      Gordon Mendenhall (Support and Fundraisng in U.S.A)